Together they were also very involved with the local Eagles

BIGFORD, Kevin Paul October 2, 1972 October 11, 2011 Died at his childhood home, following a 4 year journey battling cancer, with courage and laughter alongside his wife and best friend Kelly, family, and his bucket list buddies. He is survived by his wife Kelly of Kitchener, his mother Mary Bigford, his sister Melissa Bigford Lofquist (Christopher) all of Port Colborne. Dear son in law of Ronald and Sherry Vandergeld of Woodstock and brother in law of Kristin Vandergeld of Kitchener.

wholesale jerseys Vivian loved her family very much and would become a caregiver to the man she married and loved with all her heart. The two were inseparable and would be seen together throughout the tribal community involved in making fry bread, assisting with funding events and attending their kids and grandkids events. Together they were also very involved with the local Eagles group where Andy was an officer. wholesale jerseys

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